Today important and employment news updates 16-3-19

Today important and employment news updates 16-3-19.

 * Saturday news * 

1) PUC: Awakening in Biology 
2) No access to LKG -UKG at RTE 
3) GPSTR: 10611 Graduate Primary School Teachers Appointment Initiative 
4)Teacher transfer after Lok Sabha election 
5) PU Exam Tips not Text 
6)A test for SSLC children 
7)PU Exam: Students are distracted 
8) PU: Decision on evaluation boycott on 18th 
9)Kannada test; Results published 
10) Mentor to the teacher: Politicians forgot humanity 
11) ESI Hospital: 81 Classes! 
PU class start from May 20 
12)Continue to appoint instructors 
13) Private hospitals showing life expectancy 
Death toll in New Zealand 49 dead 
 14) March: 22 Final Advertising Policy 
15) Employee Answer on Qualifying Service 
16)Adani's UPCL license is illegal 
17)price hike for beer lovers 
18) The queue is now shining 
19)C-Vision Yap for Code of Conduct Complaint 
20)Water tankers are required for license 
 21) Inspector who gave blood to a teacher in a lifetime 
  Sreesanth ban on Azeev.

Today employment and news clips. 16-3-19

Today employment and NeWS clip.

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